Colorado Part I: Colorado Springs

In early August my girlfriend and I took a trip out to Colorado for a much needed vacation. Having grown up around mountains, lush green forests and expansive lakes in the Pacific Northwest, I've always wanted to visit somewhere else with a change of pace and scenery - and Colorado sounded like the perfect fit.

Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado

I'll be covering my visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park in a later blog post, but wanted to show you my trip to Colorado Springs first. A drastic change of scenery to what I'm used to, Colorado Springs and the surrounding area offered beautiful views of red rocks, waterfalls and endless canyons - things you'd see in western movies during the gold rush.

Big Thompson River

The little details like fine red grains of sand in the bottom of the river really added to the experience, while larger sightings like The Garden of the Gods' valley with the Rocky Mountain front range in the background gave me just a taste of Colorado's overall scale.

Valley of the Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs, Colorado

Visiting Colorado really was one of the best experiences I've ever had, and I can't wait to go back and explore more of it. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about my trip to Rocky Mountain National Park - if you grew up in the Pacific Northwest, it's an area you might find sort of familiar looking.

Zach Taiji

Zach Taiji

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